Coördinatie en publicatie van het rapport ‘Shared Heritage Joint Future’ – ‘SCH-project overview 2009-2013’ – Programma Gemeenschappelijk Cultureel Erfgoed van de Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed

From February 2014 to May 2014

Cultural Motion was responsible for coordinating and publicizing the ‘Shared Cultural Heritage overview 2009-2014’ published under the title ‘Shared heritage Joint Future’. In the report, all projects that have been executed as part of the Shared Cultural Heritage Programme in the period 2009-2013 are described.

The majority of the projects were executed in cooperation with other organisations in partner countries. The participating countries in the SCH programme are: Suriname, Brazil, United States (since 2013), South Africa, Ghana (until 2013), Russian Federation, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan (since 2013) and Australia (since 2013). The Cultural Heritage Agency’s SCH policy focuses on three things: maritime archaeology, historic city centres and museum collections.

Together, all these different projects beautifully illustrate the great diversity of projects in different countries. These projects make a significant contribution to exchanging and developing knowledge, conserving heritage in other countries, intercultural relations, but also offer the opportunity for critical reflection on our past and present.

To read more about these projects, download the publication here.