Freelance: Project support Maritime Program Cultural Heritage Agency

Term: January 2013- present

Cultural Motion is working on a worldwide research on VOC shipwrecks. A first step in the management of the VOC vessels is an inventory of the nature and quality of these shipwrecks in Dutch ownership, of and the national territory in which they are found. This research provides RCE with knowledge and understanding of the amount of shipwrecks and their locations. This information is used to decide on the correct management of these wrecks.

The maritime history that is so important to the Netherlands also has international significance. Ships carried their cargoes from country to country, battles were fought at sea. Every year, Dutch shipwrecks are found in other countries, both within European waters and beyond. We are dependent on other countries for the management of these wrecks, just as they depend on us for the protection of their heritage on Dutch territory. They are just as much a part of the Dutch heritage as of that of their country of origin. Increasingly, this common cultural heritage is managed and made accessible in consultation with the countries concerned.

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